This category is for sites about Fresno outdoor hobbies, sports, and recreational activities. This includes sites about activities, events, clubs, groups, services, and facilities. Exception: Businesses that sell sporting goods and products used in various recreational activities are listed under Shopping.
This category is for websites specifically related to the city of Fresno. (For websites related to a wider area, please see the Recreation and Sports category for Fresno County.) Please submit to an appropriate subcategory, if one is available. Otherwise, submit here. Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.
This category is for Fresno businesses specializing in craft and sewing supplies. Leatherworking, yarn, and fabric sales belong here, as do wool spinning devices and sewing machines. Sites and stores selling primarily finished crafts should be listed under Business and Economy/Shopping.
Please read the Category Description carefully. If you sell primarily finished products your site should be listed under Business and Economy/Shopping. If you are a craft-based club, please submit your listing to Recreation.