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This category should contain sites that are of local interest, with a single office location, servicing the County of Santa Cruz, California only.

A business which services a specific city only would be listed in the specific locality under >>Top:Regional:North America:United States:California:Localities

A business which services a region beyond Santa Cruz County (i.e., Northern California), or has additional offices in other locations would be listed in the appropriate region under >>Top:Regional:North America:United States:California:Regions

A business which is of interstate, national, or multinational importance would be listed in a subcategory under >>Top:Business:Construction_And_Maintenance

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1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.

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3. Don''t include locality information such as, "Serving Santa Cruz County ..." as that is redundant due to the category description.

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Things to do, to entertain yourself while in Santa Cruz County.
Includes information about the region's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to the region.
Includes information about Santa Cruz county''s natural environment, as well as scientific activities specific to the region. Topics include astronomy, botanical gardens and arboretums, environmental organizations, forestry, geology, recycling, coastal environments, plant life, and water resources.

Websites should pertain to the county as a whole, or to multiple localities in Santa Cruz county. Websites about science and environment in a specific locality should instead be submitted to that locality, listed here.