This category is for sites about state-wide business and economic activities. Businesses are placed by their physical location(s), not by their service area.

The businesses listed in this category have physical locations in more than one region of this state, but not outside the state. For those with locations in multiple states, see the appropriate Southwest, West, or United States category.
This category is exclusively for websites of state-wide relevance, and for websites of businesses with physical locations in more than one region of this state.

For websites related exclusively to a specific region, county, or locality within this state, find the appropriate category here.

For websites related to a wider area, please see the Business and Economy category for the Southwest, the West, or the United States.

Before submitting a site, be sure to read the category description.

Please submit to an appropriate subcategory, if one is available. Otherwise, submit here. Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.
This category is for sites about businesses and organizations related to advertising and promotion that have locations throughout the state. Includes sites for businesses offering services that advertise, promote and encourage sales for other businesses.
Sites geared specifically towards Internet marketing agencies should be submitted to the Computers and Internet subcategory.
For sites pertaining to state-wide agriculture, such as farm markets, "you pick" farms, livestock auctions and breeders, seed and tree farms, commercial nurseries (i.e., producing nursery stock for sale to retailers), turf farms, agricultural equipment suppliers, and similar businesses.
This category is ONLY for sites relevant to the entire state. Sites about local automotive dealers/services should be submitted to the locality. EG a site about a dealership in Los Angeles should be submitted to, not here.

Following these guidelines will help get your site listed sooner.

The Business Services category lists sites that provide professional and administrative support services to a variety of businesses and organizations. In some cases, these companies also provide services to consumers, but providing services to other enterprises is their main focus.
Lists sites that offer online classifieds or classified advertising services relevant to the region.
This category is for statewide resources.

If you want to list an ISP business, please find the region, county or locality in, that most closely matches the area for which it provide toll-free dial-up lines, and submit the business site there.


This category is for websites about statewide businesses involved in construction and maintenance. It includes architects, builders, civil and structural engineers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, heating and air conditioning specialists, janitorial service providers, as well as other suppliers of goods and services in this industry.

Construction and maintenance companies are placed in this directory according to their office location(s), not their service area. Most of them serve the entire state, or at least many areas within it. Many also serve areas outside the state.

For businesses with a single office location, please submit to the proper locality, not here.

For example, the website for a construction equipment rental company with a location in San Diego would be found in the San Diego category, while the site for electrical contractor with offices in San Diego, Anaheim, and Los Angeles would be found in the Southern California category.

Sites about industry organizations, if any, may or may not be found here, depending on their focus. If an organization's site contains such things as a membership directory, or other information that would be useful to consumers, it is likely to be placed here. Alternatively, if it focuses solely on professional industry issues, it is likely to be listed instead in the Business Organizations category.
This category is for websites specifically related to the state or for sites with locations that go beyond a single town/city, county, and region.

Before you submit your site, be sure to read the category description.

Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.

This category contains web sites of interest to workers, job seekers and employers in California. If you are considering submitting a site to this category, please remember, it must provide information or access to information on the web. If you have products that must be ordered to be used, please submit your site to a shopping or business category.
The entertainment industry, or "show business" as it is sometimes called, includes the motion picture, television, radio, music, theatre, and theme park industries. In addition, it includes the entertainment-related aspects of several other industries such as sports, fashion, and gaming. This category is for the listing of sites pertaining to the entertainment industry including but not limited to audio and video production, recording studios, and talent agencies.
Before submitting a site to this category, be sure to read the category description.
Includes industries and companies engaged in transforming livestock and agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption. Also included are manufacturers and distributors of food and beverage processing supplies and equipment, wholesalers, and services supporting industries in this sector, which include consulting, employment, marketing, associations, etc. Professional and industrial resources are also included.
This category lists sites related to the preparation of the dead for burial or interment and conducting funeral services. Includes funeral homes, parlors, mortuaries, casket makers, monument builders, and embalmers.
Please suggest only those sites addressing the entire state or businesses with locations across the state. In most cases, sites should be suggested to the locality, county or metro category.
This category is for California state wide businesses and economic activity related to products and services intended for the home and garden. Examples of products include sellers of plants, swimming pools, and windows. Examples of services include suppliers of water softeners, interior design, lawn maintenance, pest control, and house-sitting.
This category contains @Links to the California subcats of Society/Law/Attorneys_and_Law_Firms, as well as @links to local legal service categories.
Submit sites for attorneys and businesses serving the legal system with multiple locations in more than one metro area in this state. Compare existing listings for best results.

Most sites should be submitted to a locality. Listing at higher levels is allowed for firms with multiple locations spanning several localities or counties, and for clubs or associations drawing members from a broad area.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Locations must be shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. For title, submit actual name of the firm.
  3. Make description factual, avoiding promotional language and unnecessary capitalization.
Category Description

This category is for websites about business and economic activities related to marine sales and services in this locality, as well as links to related categories.

Topics of websites

At any one time, this category may not have listings for all the topics that would be appropriate for it. For details about the range of specific topics that are suitable, see the section about appropriate topics.

Geographic area of websites

Most Regional sites are listed according to the physical location(s) of the site's subject. Others are listed according to the geographic focus of the site, such as directories, membership organizations, governmental bodies, service agencies, businesses located in multiple areas, and those few types of business listed by service area.

This is a category for a specific locality. Websites pertinent to larger geographic areas such as counties, metro areas or states are listed in categories at these higher levels. See geographic category definitions.

Businesses or organizations with multiple physical locations are placed in the smallest geographic category needed to encompass all of their locations. See listings for multiple locations. A few types of sites are listed according to service area rather than physical location. See listing by service area.
Site Submission Basics for Regional Categories
  1. Before submitting a site, be sure to read the category description. Submitting a site to an inappropriate category can greatly delay its consideration.
  2. The relationship of the website to the location must be clear. In most cases, it is preferable if this is shown by an address or local phone number.
  3. When you have located the correct geographic category, submit to an appropriate topical subcategory whenever possible. For best results, compare existing listings.
  4. See More Site Submission Basics.
This category is for sites related to the extraction, production or supply of oil and gas products, including operating companies and holding companies, consultants, and service providers. Sites relating only to oil and gas for the consumer (gas stations) are listed in the California Shopping category.
Please suggest the site at the geographic level of its operations. You may also suggest the site in an appropriate subcategory of Business: Energy: Oil and Gas.
The Professional Organizations listed in this category provide services to various professionals who are their members.
Includes links to sites for or about businesses or individuals offering personal services in the region. Sites might include personal chefs, personal valets, errand runners, and baby sitters.

This category is for the listing of sites with a presence throughout the region. If your site does not have locations or offer information serving the entire region, please submit to your locality instead.
Submitting your site to the wrong category will hinder your site''s addition to the directory

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
This category contains web sites related to businesses that are subject to governmental regulation, and provide an essential commodity or service to the public, such as water, transportation, electricity, or communication, etc.
Publishing involves the preparation and issuing of printed or electronic materials for public distribution or sale. This category is for the sites of publishing businesses, and for sites related to, and focused on, the publishing process.
Sites about printing and print production should be suggested to Business and Economy: Printing. Sites about magazines and newspapers should be suggested to News and Media.
This category contains sites having to do with buying, selling, leasing, developing or studying real estate. This information has been divided into subcategories to make it easier for you to find what you need.
Agent and Broker-Associate Sites: Sites for individuals will not be listed here. Suggestions must be made to the locality category where the individual''s official office is located. Titles for sites should be formatted as Agent Name - Agency Name, e.g. John Doe - Galactic Realty. Agency or Brokerage Sites: Sites for agencies will not be listed here, unless the agency has official branch offices so widespread that they are not covered by a County, Metro Area, or a Region. Suggestions for agencies with a single location must be made to the locality category where the official office is located. Titles for sites should be formatted as Company Name, e.g. Galactic Realty. All Sites:
  • Please choose the best subcategory for the site and suggest to that subcategory instead of the main Real Estate category.
  • Keep the description brief: no longer than 25-30 words.
  • A well-written, objective description will make listing the site easier.
  • Avoid using promotional language and strings of keywords and search terms.
  • Follow these guidelines to avoid unnecessary delay or problems.
  • Resubmitting the site will not increase the number of listings.
The official Real Estate Guidelines contain additional details.
This site is for eating and/or drinking establishments *with locations across California.*

Restaurants or bars with only one location will NOT be listed here. They should be submitted to the Business_and_Economy sub-category of the locality, found here.

Mis-submitting the listing to this category will greatly delay review of the website.

This category lists sites that deal with moving vans, facilities, and storage companies throughout California.
Please submit sites dealing with moving and storage only throughout California. If the business works (or, in some cases, has offices) outside California, please suggest the site to a larger category. If the business works (or has offices) only in a region, metropolitan area, county within California, please suggest it to the appropriate subcategory of that area.
This category is for websites focused on the business of operating, maintaining or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data, text, and video between network termination points, and telecommunications reselling.
State-wide wine-related business resources, winery directories and winery-industry information.
Individual wineries are not listed in this category; they should be listed in the locality in which the winery is located (see Regional/North_America/United_States/California/Localities for a list). They should also be cross-posted to Recreation/Food/Drink/Wine/United_States/California.

Winery industry information or winery guides for multiple localities in a single county, metro area, or region should be submitted to the category for that county, metro area, or region. Please submit to the most specific category that fits your site. Only sites covering multiple regions of California should be submitted to this state-wide category. Submitting to the wrong category will delay review of your site.

Wine guides and directories should also be cross-posted to Recreation/Food/Drink/Wine/United_States/California/Guides_and_Directories