Includes sites that reflect the make up of the region's community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the people of the region.
Esta categoría es para páginas escritas en inglés. El contenido de los sitios a listarse deberá ser en inglés (o bilinguë). Todas las páginas en español deberán estar enñol/Países/México/Sociedad
Activism "emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue".
This category should only contain sites that have some details as to "what you can do" - action that people can take, or have taken. A site offering primarily general information or education on a subject should be submitted under Issues. A site about a particular political grouping or ideology or which emphasizes electoral and governmental actions should be submitted under Politics.
Animal welfare organizations are concerned with the humane treatment of animals.
This category lists animal welfare organizations which work in all or a large portion of Mexico.

Rescues and shelter organizations should be submitted under Society/Organizations/Animal Welfare/Rescues and Shelters, and also under the locality where they are located.

This category deals with ethnic, multicultural, and cultural identity issues associated with Mexico. An ethnic group is a group of people who identify with one another, or are so identified by others, on the basis of a boundary that distinguishes them from other groups. This boundary may take any of a number of forms - racial, cultural, linguistic, economic, religious, political - and may be more or less porous. Because of this boundary, members of an ethnic group are often presumed to be culturally or biologically similar, although this is not in fact necessarily the case. Another characteristic of ethnic groups is continuity in time, that is, a history and a future as a people. This is achieved through the intergenerational transmission of common language, institutions and traditions. It is important to consider this characteristic of ethnic groups if we are to distinguish them from a group of individuals who share a common characteristic, such as ancestry, in a specific point in time. -- Wikipedia
Sites dealing with workers, unions and labor in Mexico.
Organizations in Mexico.
Sites about Women in Mexico's society and culture.