The most westerly community in Canada which is a few kilometers from the Alaska border. The community has a pool open in the summer, curling rink in the winter, and is host to a couple hundred permanent residents. The population almost doubles in the summer and the main industry is hotels and Canada Customs.
Once a fishing and hunting camp for Tlingit and Tagish people, the community lies approximately halfway between Skagway, Alaska and Whitehorse. The Gold Rush, the White Pass and Yukon Route railway which was completed in 1901, and a mining boom changed the community, and it is now home to about 400 people, half of whom are First Nations people. Tourism has replaced both mine and rail as the mainstay of the local economy. by editor funk 2000.03.23
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Small Yukon community near Watson Lake region.
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Small Yukon community near Watson Lake area with heavier summer seasonal traffic.
Located in Southeastern Yukon and known as the "Gateway to the Yukon", it is located at the junction of the Robert Campbell Highway and the Alaska Highway at Kilometre 1016.8 (Mile 635). It's location makes it the first community north of the 60th parallel as one enters the Yukon.
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