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Thank you for submitting your site. Please consider a more specific category for your submission as sites listed here have a prevailing presence throughout the region, with stores or offices in more than one province or territory.

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Includes sites covering the business and economic activities of the Northern Region, including listings of companies and industries.
This category is for sites about government in the far northern regions of Canada. It will link to categories about governments in areas which are in this zone.
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Please ensure your site fits this category, which is for science, environment or natural history sites which deal with the whole of the northern region of Canada.

If your site is not about science, or deals with provincial or territorial issues, please consider submitting it there, as accuracy in category choice will likely speed its listing in the directory.
This category is for sites dealing with science and the environment and natural history in the northern region of Canada.
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Please limit your submissions to society and culture as it relates to the Northern Region of Canada as described at Regions:Northern .

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This category covers a very wide range of activities, beliefs, personal attributes and social phenomena, history, politics, support groups, and lifestyles choices including:

Religion Spirituality. Religion encompasses all religious and spiritual concepts. It involves systems of shared practices, views, symbols, and moral values. Spirituality is a personal relationship and communication with the Divine or the Ground of Being, with or without the direct influence of any organization or a set of organizationally imposed views.
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