This category is for real estate related web sites that represent a single agent, office, or operation, with a physical address in Coppins Corners, Goodwood, Leaskdale, Sandford, Sandy Hook, Siloam, Udora or Uxbridge Ontario.
The (ODP)Real Estate category is frequently a target for inappropriate submissions.

Often agents will attempt to list their site in a higher-level regional category even though they may have only one office. Also agents will sometimes add the same site, but will submit it using different URLs in order to get their site listed multiple times.

The editors in Open Directory are aware of these practices. They carefully look at the submissions and in other Real Estate categories, to ensure that an agent or agency site is not listed in another category, or under another name.

Before submitting a site to this category, read the submission guidelines, then describe the site accurately. Most of all, ensure that it belongs here at this level.

-Agent web sites or a single office firm, belongs only in a locality. - Two or more offices within a county or Region, submit to the county or Region. - Offices in more than one county, not exceeding a region''s borders, submit to the region. - Offices in more than one region, submit to the province.