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Baseball, softball and fastball sites in Ottawa.
Boating - related sites in Ottawa.
All sites in Ottawa related to the sport of rolling a ball down a lane to knock down pins.
Websites dedicated to pursuit of crafts in Ottawa.
Figure skating sites from Ottawa.
Sites about or for fishing in Ottawa.
Flying clubs and enthusiasts of Ottawa.
Sites about or for North American style football in Ottawa.

The Open Directory Project defines a game as any activity that is meant to entertain the participants and that is governed by a specific set of rules. Games are also usually competitive, typically involving players competing either against each other, against one or more simulated players, or against tasks set by the rules of the game. There are usually ways to win and lose a game spelled out in the rules.

Ottawa/Recreation_and_Sports/Games/ covers sites of local interest related to board games, card games, computer and video games, roleplaying games, strategy games, and most other activities that are commonly referred to as games. Sites about gambling, sports, recreational activities, or sites whose primary purpose is to sell items or services have categories specifically for that type of content.

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Golf-related web-sites in Ottawa. Golf Clubs, associations, leagues.
Hockey and hockey-related web sites of Ottawa.
Sites for the sport of lacrosse in Ottawa.
Martial arts sites and enthusiasts in Ottawa.
Motor sports and enthusiasts in Ottawa.
Ringette sports sites in the City of Ottawa.
Running enthusiasts and events in Ottawa.
Scouting web pages for Ottawa.
Skiing websites of Ottawa.
Soccer-related sites in Ottawa.
Call it soccer or football, but it''s played with a large round ball and it''s fun.
Websites related to recreational and sporting swimming in Ottawa.
Tennis clubs, etc. related web sites in Ottawa.
Web sites of clubs and associations involved in volleyball in Ottawa.