This category features sites which focus on business and economic activities of the city, including listings of companies and industries.
Please take the time to review the subcategories and submit your site to the appropriate one, if applicable.
Advertising - related businesses in Ottawa.
Ottawa business sites offering or making products for businesses.
Thanks for offering your website. To be listed here, the firm must be physically located in Ottawa.

Your web site submission is also welcome in one of the sub-categories at Architects by Specialty , which offers the opportunity for two listings.

Websites that deal with the general subject of architecture, schools or faculties of architecture, publications, or the history, artistic and cultural implications of architecture are presented at the Architecture category under Arts and Entertainment.
Consulting businesses in the City of Ottawa.
Employment opportunities, specific jobs, agencies and organizations enabling or promoting employment in Ottawa.
For the listing of sites pertaining to the entertainment industry including but not limited to audio and video production, recording studios, and talent agencies.
Event planning and related sites in Ottawa.
This category lists sites that deal specifically with the transportation industry and the transport of goods. Sites suitable for this category include ports, trucking lines, and cargo carriers.
This site lists business and/or economy related organizations and professional associations.
Companies involved in the publishing process.
For commercial properties sales.
The focus of Shipping, Storage, and Logistics is the business of moving goods. This includes the storage, distribution and transportation of bulk commodities, other materials of commerce, packages, papers, and letters, via land, air and water for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. Some examples of websites that could be placed in this category are sites about the shipping industry in a place or region; railroad companies, barge operators, and other freight carriers; moving and warehousing companies, including residential moving [this will be "removals" in the UK version] and storage; trucking companies; companies offering loading and unloading or other specialized services for the transportation sector; companies providing freight forwarding, logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services; commercial courier and messenger services; and companies offering rental of equipment such as forklifts or trucks.
For shops with physical addresses in Ottawa, Canada.
Lists sites for agents, agencies, and services focused on rewriting, proofreading, editing, or interpreting text into different languages as well as individuals offering personal translation services.