Canada's northernmost community, at 76ยบ 24 ' N, on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island. Its Inuit name, Aujuittuq, means 'place that never thaws'.

While Ellesmere Island was inhabited in prehistoric times, the current settlement dates from 1953, when the Canadian government relocated several Denbigh Inuit families to the area.

Hamlet of 1100 mostly Inuktitut-speaking people, located on a small island in Foxe Basin close to the Meville Peninsula and Baffin Island. 69o 22' 59" N - 81o 47' 59".

Igloolik, or Iglulik, is also the name of the regional Inuit culture of northern Baffin Island, Southampton Island, and Meville Peninsula.

Located east of Hudson Bay, south of the Manitounuk Islands, on the north shore of Great Whale River.