Retail shops selling goods to walk-in customers, and retailers who may take orders by phone or online but deliver goods only to the local area. This category can include malls, convenience stores, clothing, food, flowers and gifts, sporting goods, books and music.

Online shops, and shops where the focus is selling and delivering goods nationally and/or internationally will be listed at country level and may also be eligible for listing in the Shopping/ directory.

The following retailers should submit to the indicated categories for this location. If the categories do not exist, submit to the parent category. Artists and Galleries - Arts_and_Entertainment/Artists_and_Galleries/ Auto dealers - Business and Economy/Automotive. Garden centers and nurseries - Business_and_Economy/Home_and_Garden/Nurseries/ Drug stores, pharmacies, opticians, eye wear retailers, and equipment for assisted living are listed in the Health categories for this location.

Businesses that offer only online, phone, or mail order sales will not be listed in Regional Shopping categories, with three exceptions:
(1) The B&E/Shopping category at the national level may contain online shopping sites if the prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and the products are shipped from Canada.
(2) Businesses that offer sales online or by phone/mail only to customers in a limited geographic area (example: online grocery delivery services) may be listed in a category corresponding to their sales area.
(3) Online shopping companies that have a substantial local presence (for example, as an employer) in the city where they base their operations may be considered for listing in that city. Note that many online retailers also maintain a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet as part of their operations base.

Sites related to specialized items for sale, such as machinery, vehicles, and construction materials, should be listed under their specific industry category.

Please submit only sites relating to Nova Scotia. You can find a list of other localities in Nova Scotia here. If there are multiple locations for this site, consider Regional/North_America/Canada/Regions/Atlantic

Please read the category description below. Submitting your site to the wrong category can result in significant delays in the listing of your site.

This category lists retail shops that sell health and beauty products to the public. Please note Pharmacies should be submitted under Health/Pharmacies and Salons and spas are listed under Business and Economy/Beauty and Cosmetic Services.
This category is restricted to web sites that offer locations throughout the province. Most sites will be better located in a specific Locality.

Thank you for submitting your site.

Submission Tips:

When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

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