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This category is for sites about local businesses and organizations related to advertising and promotion. Includes sites for local businesses offering services that advertise, promote and encourage sales for other businesses.
For the listing of sites related to wedding, corporate, party, and other event planning services, including caterers, guides, convention and exhibition services.
Do not submit individual agent sites, nor sites for real estate businesses having only one office. Those belong in the respective localities in which they are located, regardless of real or perceived service area.

Site that do not adhere to these guidelines will be deleted out of hand.

Sites for realtors having multiple offices in several cities or regions of the province.
This category includes sites for establishments offering food and drink consumed on the premises, although such establishments may also offer food and drink to 'take away'.
In addition to that mentioned in the category description, sites submitted to this category should be limited to those companies that service only Alberta, but that have more than one base of operations. Companies in only one city should be sent to the category for those cities.
This category is for the listing of sites dealing specifically with the transportation industry and the transport of goods. Sites suitable for this category include ports, trucking lines, and cargo carriers.
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