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Please submit only sites with locations in more than one regional district. If your information is specific to one city or town, please submit to that locality.
Includes sites for regional artistic, cultural, and entertainment activities, events, institutions and organizations. Subjects might include art and artists, architecture, comics, dance, libraries, movies, museums, music, photography, theater and video production.
If you are submitting a URL to this directory, please keep in mind that all submissions must be reviewed by volunteer editors of the Open Directory Project (ODP). Thus, multiple submissions of the same site to inappropriate categories will not improve your chances for being listed in this directory and may result in your site being blacklisted from ODP. This may also happen if you submit your site to a number of directories which use ODP data, but forward new submissions to ODP.

Please take a moment to review the ODP Editorial Guidelines, and carefully choose the ODP categories to which you submit your site. Guidelines to be used for listing sites:

- A single office or address operation: Submit to the Locality where the business is located.

- Two or more offices within the same county: Submit to the county category containing the business'' Locality.

- Two or more offices spanning more than one county: Submit to the Region category containing said counties.

- Multiple offices spanning Regions: Submit to the Province category.

Includes sites covering the business and economic activities of the entire province, including listings of companies and industries having locations in more than one Alberta Region.
Submit only sites within the Municipal District of Acadia.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Do not submit sites for municipal elections to this category. Local election campaign sites must be submitted in their respective localities.
Sites for, or directly related to, Alberta Provincial Government Ministries, Departments, Commissions or Agencies.
Please ensure that sites submitted to this category are specific to Alberta. Sites specific to a locality, county or region within Alberta should be submitted to the respective categories.
Information on resources in Alberta, including health practitioners, hospitals, clinics, providers of information on conditions and diseases, public health and safety organizations, alternative health practitioners and/or providers of health-related supplies.
Urban areas in the province of Alberta.
Suggest only sites having a Census Metropolitan Area of Calgary or Edmonton focus.
Alberta has two Metropolitan Areas (Calgary and Edmonton) as defined by Statistics Canada.
Only regional guides, directories or organizations with members in more than one regional district belong in this category.

If your information is specific to towns within one regional district only, please submit to that regional district.

If your information is specific to one city or town, please submit to that Locality.

Information on hobbies, activities and pastimes which provide enjoyment during a participant's leisure time, as well as Alberta sports teams, clubs, organizations and information on competitive events in Alberta.
Please only submit sites for the region as a whole, and not for a specific community. For a specific community, choose the best locality at Regional/North_America/Canada/Alberta/Localities under the appropriate town or city.
There are six Tourist Destination Regions in Alberta. Each region has a unique and colourful geography. These include four rural and two urban regions, namely. Calgary and area Edmonton and area Northern Alberta The Rockies, or Mountain Region The Heartland, or Central Alberta Southern Alberta
Information about Alberta's natural environment as well as scientific activities and organizations specific to the province.
This category deals with issues relating to single ethnic, racial or cultural groups.

Sites that will not be accepted in this category are those where the ethnicity or cultural heritage is not a central theme, such as a local newspaper dealing with general issues, whose publisher happens to be of Haitian heritage.

Submission Tips:

When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

For help about submissions, please select Submission Help.

Includes sites that reflect the ideas and values of the Alberta community: its people, history, social resources, organizations and institutions.
In addition to that specified in the category description, sites for this category should be limited to those whose service area is within Alberta but services more than one city. If a company has only one base of operations, then the website should be sent to that locality category.
This category is for the listing of sites dealing specifically with the transport of people. Sites suitable for this category include taxis, public transit and airlines.
This category is only for sites covering attractions throughout Alberta. Sites on individual attractions should be submitted to the category for the locality in which they are located.
Please help us list sites promptly, and submit only sites dealing with Travel and Tourism across the entire province of Alberta to this category. Sites dealing with Travel and Tourism in specific localities or regions should be submitted to the locality, regional district or region concerned. In particular, hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast establishments will only be listed once in the appropriate locality category. This category is for sites offering travel and tourism information for the entire province of Alberta.
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