Includes hobbies, sports, and recreational activities specific to the region; including local amateur and professional sports teams and their booster/supporter clubs, local recreation organizations and clubs. Topics might include fishing, gardening, baseball, chess, hiking, or other recreational activities. Sites about participation in arts activities such as dance, photography and drama are listed in the most appropriate category under Arts and Entertainment.

This section is for sites specifically about, or with contact details within the Mediterranean Region. Please submit sites to the most appropriate province.

Sites about, or with contact details in more than one province within the region, may be submitted to the appropriate subcategory here.

Sites with contact details in more than one region should be submitted to the most appropriate subcategory of Turkey.


Tips for Faster Acceptance:
  • This category is reserved for sites based in, or provides specific information relevant to, this region.
  • Location should be readily apparent on the site. The service area should also be apparent when applicable.
  • Submitted title should match the name of the organization or entity. The description should be factual. Don''t use Excessive Capitalization or ALL CAPS.
  • Submit to the most appropriate sub-category when possible. Compare existing listings for best results.
Thank you for your cooperation.