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A city in southwestern Saudi Arabia, situated on a plain at the western edge of Mount al-Hijaz, surrounded by hills. The valley of the Wadi Abha near the city is filled with gardens, fields, and streams. The city consists of four quarters, the largest of which contains an old fortress. Abha was freed from Ottoman rule following World War I and brought under the control of the Wahhabis, a Muslim puritanical group, in 1920 by 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Sa'ud. It is characterized by forts built on top of the neighbouring hills. Abha lies 50 miles (80 km) east of the Red Sea and 528 miles (850 km) southwest of Riyadh, the national capital. A coastal road, completed in 1979, connects Jidda with Abha. Pop. (1974) 30,150.
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Also spelled as Dammam, located in eastern Saudi Arabia. It lies on the Persian Gulf northwest of Bahrain Island and forms a larger metropolitan and industrial complex with Al-Khubar, Al-Qatif, and Az-Zahran. The discovery of immense oil reserves in the locality in 1938 led to the radical transformation of the once-small coastal settlement into a boom town that is now a major seaport, a petroleum and natural-gas centre, the commercial hub of eastern Saudi Arabia, and the eastern terminus of the railroad to Riyadh. Ad-Dammam is strikingly modern, with sprawling suburbs--most of the town has been built since the 1940s. Apart from the oil industry, the city's economy is supported by agriculture, especially dairying. Large herds of imported beef and dairy cattle are kept on experimental farms. King Faysal University opened in the city in 1975. Pop. (1980 est.) 200,000.
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The Arabic spelling of Jiddah is Jeddah. a city of west-central Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. Ruled by the Turks until 1916, Jiddah has long been used as a port by Muslim pilgrims making the journey to Mecca. Population, 1,300,000.
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The Arabic name for Mecca is Makkah. A city of western Saudi Arabia near the coast of the Red Sea. The birthplace of Mohammed, it is the holiest city of Islam and a pilgrimage site for all devout believers of the faith. Population, 550,000.
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