Includes sites for regional artistic, cultural, and entertainment activities, events, institutions, organizations, etc.

This category is for sites in the English language (or with an English language version). Please submit sites in Hebrew to World/Hebrew.

This category is for the listing of sites with a presence throughout the region. If your site does not have locations or offer information serving the entire region, please submit to your locality instead.
Submitting your site to the wrong category will hinder your site''s addition to the directory
The buildings of the country of Israel: their style, history, preservation and presentation.
This category is for sites about regional artists and local places that sell art. This includes both stores and other art-selling venues, such as regular weekend art shows in public parks.
This category is for sites regarding museums with multiple locations in Israel or for museum resources (e.g. organizations, directories) with a country-wide focus.
Sites for individual museums should be submitted to the appropriate locality category.