Sites for businesses involved in the production of printed items such as newspapers, books, periodicals, posters, business forms and greeting cards. This includes print shops selling directly to the public and industrial scale printers, plus companies providing support services such as binding, plate making, and data imaging. Printing on clothing is included here because the production process is printing, not clothing manufacturing.

Please note, promotional items are listed under Business_and_Economy/Advertising_and_Marketing/ and magazines and newspapers under News and Media.

This category is specifically for resources covering the whole of the Middle East region. Please do not submit country-specific sites here. Select an appropriate country level category and submit your site there.

Sites submitted here should have a substantial English language content. Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate World category.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:
  • This category is reserved for sites based in, or about, two or more countries, or providing specific information relevant to the Middle East region as a whole.
  • Location should be readily apparent on the site. The service area should also be apparent when applicable.
  • Submitted title should match the name of the organization or entity. The description should be factual. Don''t Use Excessive Capitalization or ALL CAPS.
  • Submit to the most appropriate sub-category when possible. Compare existing listings for best results.

Submitting your site to the wrong category could delay your site''s addition to the directory