Sporting and recreational bodies that govern, serve or encompass Wales nationally, or broad regions including North, South and West Wales.
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This category contains links to Archery related sites located in Wales.
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Powered and unpowered aviation links, including gliding, hang gliding, ballooning, skydiving and helicopter piloting.
This category contains English-language sites related to boating in Wales.
Please submit to this category English-language sites that are related to boating in Wales.
This category covers all sports that are countryside based rather than those which are conducted in a sports field.
Motor sports bodies and authorities in Wales, including automotive, motorcycling, powered boating and jet skiing.
Please submit your link to this category only if the site governs or pertains to Wales nationally, or North, South or West Wales. Otherwise, please submit to the correct county or town category.
Organisations and groups that provide resources for enjoying the great outdoors of Wales, including mountaineering, abseiling, camping and surfing.
Commercial interests such as tour operators or bed and breakfasts'' should submit their site to the local Business category.
Sites pertaining primarily Welsh rugby information, news and/or resources, both Union and League.
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Walking and Rambling organisations in Wales.
Only websites covering more than one Welsh unitary authority should be listed here. Those with more local scope are listed locally.