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Information of national relevance about Bahá'is in the U.K.
Please only offer Christian sites here which have relevance for or relate to the whole of the UK.

If the site has a base in the UK you *should* offer it to that locality, do *not* offer it here, only offer it here if it has significance for the whole of the UK.


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This category is for Christian sites which have relevance for or relate to the whole of the UK.
Hinduism, also know as Sanatana Dharma is one of the oldest religions of the world. While this religion originated in India, today there are over a billion people who call themselves Hindus and practice this religion in some form.
Sites relating to humanist views.
This category is for sites which deal with the Islamic religion in the UK, or sites of interest specifically to UK Muslims.
Submit your site here ONLY if it has specific relevance to the United Kingdom - an organisation with a physical base here, a practitioner based in the UK, etc. If the site carries general pagan information of interest to all pagans, anywhere, then please submit it to a subcategory of Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Pagan.
This category covers Pagan religions and practice within the UK.
For sites containing information or resources relating to the practice of yoga for health and fitness in the UK.

Teachers and schools should submit to

Equipment sellers should submit to

If your site relates to anywhere else in the world, please consider submitting it to the appropriate region or top level category.

Yoga is one of the six classic systems of Hindu philosophy and holds that through the practice of certain disciplines you may achieve liberation from the limitations of flesh, the delusions of sense, and the pitfalls of thought, thus attaining union with the object of knowledge. It is knowledge that is the goal of all Yoga practices. In fact, Yoga doctrine insists that physical and mental training is to be used only as a means to spiritual ends.
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