This category contains sites about the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) formed in 1988 by a disaffected group of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), which was the major communist party in the UK in the 20th century and disbanded in 1991.

Its political manifesto is Britain's Road to Socialism (BRS), which is revised from time to time. The youth wing of the party is the Young Communist League (YCL) which, though organisationally autonomous, is constitutionally tied to support the same manifesto.

The CPB is closely associated with the Morning Star, the communist British daily newspaper. Its editors were among the dissidents in 1988 and the Morning Star continues in the same relationship with the CPB as it did with the CPGB before the split. While it is an independent organization, it acts as the party newspaper and a guardian of the aims of the party.

The party is registered to contest elections in England, Wales and Scotland using the following descriptions in English and Welsh:

Britain's Communist Party, Communist, Communist Party, Communist Party of Great Britain, Communist Party Scotland, Scottish Communist Party, The British Communist Party, The Communist Party, The Communist Party Candidate, Wales Communist Party, Welsh Communist Party and Your local Communist candidate.

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This category contains sites about the political party Respect - The Unity Coalition, which was founded in 2004. Its name is an acronym for Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community, and Trade Unionism. In the 2005 general election Respect had candidates in 26 constituencies. George Galloway won the seat for Bethnal Green and Bow. In 2007 the party split into two groups, both claiming legitimacy over the Respect identity. Group one was led by the SWP, its candidates stood as the Left List. Group two was Respect Renewal, it contained Linda Smith and George Galloway, its candidates stood as Respect and as 'Respect (George Galloway)'. The Electoral Commission has continued to recognise Linda Smith as the Nominating Officer for Respect, thus recognising the Respect Renewal group as the continuation of Respect.
Party description(s):
  • Respect
  • Respect (George Galloway)
  • Respect - Homes For All
  • Respect - Peace, Justice, Equality
  • Respect - People Not Profit
  • Respect - Save The NHS
This category contains sites about the Socialist Party, whose registered name is Socialist Alternative. Militant Tendency, founded in 1964, was a group operating in the Labour Party. In 1991 the majority of the group left the Labour Party and changed its name to Militant Labour. In 1997 the name was changed to the Socialist Party. However, the ownership of this name has been contested by the Socialist Party of Great Britain (founded in 1904). As a result, they began to use the name "The Socialist Party of England and Wales", and registered the name "Socialist Alternative" with the Electoral Commission.
Registered party description(s): Socialist Alternative Socialist Alternative (Ian Page Team) Socialist Alternative (Nellist) Socialist Alternative - Defend Our Health Service Socialist Alternative - Save Local Health Services Socialist Alternative - Save Our Baby Unit Socialist Alternative - Save Our Health Service Socialist Alternative - Save Our Schools Socialist Alternative - Save Our Services Socialist Alternative - Save Our Special Schools Socialist Alternative Candidate [The]
This category contains sites about the Socialist Party of Great Britain, which was founded in .
Registered party description(s): The Socialist Party (GB) World Socialist Movement World Socialist Party (EU) World Socialist Party (UK)
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