Sites about the Conservative Party. The dominating political force in the 20th century in the United Kingdom. Since 1912 its official name was the Conservative and Unionist Party, which is still one of their registered party descriptions. Until the Blair Government reformed its composition in 1999, the Conservatives had a majority in the House of Lords, though Conservative governments were also regularly defeated in the upper chamber. Though there were often deep ideological differences within the party, no major group split from the party in the 20th century while the Liberal Unionist Party merged with the party in 1912 and the Liberal National Party merged into the Conservative Party in 1947. In 1997 the party suffered its worst defeat in the century. The Conservative Party has only had an elected leader since 1922. The leader emerged from highly informal discussions, and there was only one candidate at the formal election. Proper elections were introduced in 1965. Until 1997 all leaders of the party became Prime Ministers. Leaders of the party after 1997:
  • William Hague (1997-2001)
  • Iain Duncan Smith (2001-2003)
  • Michael Howard (2003-2005)
  • David Cameron (2005-)
Most of the subcategories carry only official sites of registered affiliates of the party. The exceptions are the ''Supporters'' category and the ''Unofficial'' section in the ''Special Interest Groups'' category.
For official Sites of declared or prospective Conservative Party candidates. Also includes people promoting themselves within their parties with a view to selection. Some sites listed here may be for prospective candidates or spokespeople who have not declared as actual candidates. Listing a site here does not constitute declaration of anyone as a candidate.
Only for sites that have as their main topic a candidate or prospective candidate.

Conservative Association, Local Government, MP, MEPs and Local Government sites will continue to be listed in their normal category, even if they have substantial content on one or more candidates or prospective candidates.

For Clubs belonging to the Association of Conservative Clubs, or that have extremely strong links with the Conservative Party.
In this context, ''Club'' here refers to a physical venue, not to a group of people.
Conservative Future is the 'youth' wing of the Conservative Party in England and Wales. All English and Welsh members of the Conservative Party under the age of 30 are automatically members of Conservative Future.
For sites that relate to the history of the UK Conservative Party and its prominent members.
Websites of Conservative local, constituency and regional associations.
Please check to see whether your site is already listed before submitting it. Unless your site is brand new, there is a good chance that we''ve already found it. Do not submit pages that form part of Conservative Association web sites already listed in this directory. If your site is primarily about an MP, please submit it to the Conservative MPs category. Please ensure Scottish and Welsh websites are submitted under Scotland and Wales respectively.
This category is for the official sites of Members of the European Parliament who support, and are supported by, the UK Conservative and Unionist Party.
Please submit only sites for Conservative Members of the European Parliament, indicating the Euro constituency they represent. Please use the following title format: Last Name, First Name.


Conservative Members of Parliament at Westminster representing constituencies in England.

Please use the following format for titles: Last Name, First Name.

The description should contain the name of the constituency. The use of ministerial titles may not be a good idea as they often change.

There is a link to Guardian Politics Ask Aristotle: Conservative MPs and another one to Conservative Members of Parliament on the official site of the party. Adding the pages for individual MPs is redundant and it is tiresome to update them when they change. Please, consider this.

Frequently updated sites providing news from or about the UK's Conservative Party.
The standard required by this category is very high. Sites must have substantial unique, interesting, topical content. They must be frequently updated, typically several times per day.
For sites that are specifically anti-Conservative in outlook, that do not belong under other categories such as those of the Labour Party or the Libdems.
Only sites that are predominately anti-Conservative, and which are not official Labour party sites will be included.
For groups officially affiliated to the Conservative Party, that aim to i) raise the profile of a given issue or ii) encourage/facilitate debate relating to such an issue iii) advise the party over its policy on a given issue. The 'Official' affiliate status of such groups is confirmed by the board of the party, and no one else. Therefore some single-issue groups would not get into this category, as they are non-official.
This category is for sites exclusively related to the UK Conservative Party. Pressure groups that lobby several UK parties belong elsewhere in this directory and should be submitted to the correct category. If you are in any doubt as to whether your group is affiliated to the Conservative Party, please consult Conservative Central Office.
This category is for 'unofficial sites', created on behalf of Supporters of the UK centre-right. None of the sites has been written in capacity on behalf of an affiliate of the Conservative Party or a Conservative Party candidate or a widely-recognised 'Conservative' Special Interest Group. The site must be about UK Politics, though it need not agree with Conservative Party policy in order to be listed.