This category is for sites dealing with social, political and controversial issues relevant to the UK.
Please find the most appropriate subcategory.
Issues to do with the conduct of business in the UK, such as treatment of shareholders or corrupt practices.
Unofficial (i.e. non-governmental) sites on the issue of reform of the UK government.
Sites relating to consumer issues and rights.
Sites about countryside issues and concerns for those people living in rural areas.
Sites relating to devolution of central power in Britain to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the regions of England.
Sites pertaining to the debate on whether or not the Church of England should be disestablished ie whether it should remain the official state church in England or whether it should cease in accord with the principles of church-state separation.
Sites advocating a new voting system.
Any issue which concerns the ecological and human environment - this covers everything from local transport pollution to the destruction of the ozone layer.
Sites debating the merits and demerits of the EU, federalism, the Euro and British sovereignty.
Ideas, arguments and critiques in regard to British foreign policy.
Sites relating to the rights of gay, lesbian or bisexual people insofar as they are different from those of others. For example, discussion of ways in which adoption practices discriminate against gay couples.
Health and safety issues in the United Kingdom.
Discussion of issues surrounding the UK monarchy and its future. These include, but are not limited to, abolition of the monarchy, the case for the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II in favour of Prince Charles or Prince William, the scaling down of the civil list, and other related matters.
The UK government has proposed a National Identity Scheme, to be managed by the Passport and Identity Service. At the core of this scheme is a database, containing biometric and other information, and an identity card. Supporters believe it will help fight crime and manage migration; opponents sense the advance of George Orwell’s 1984. This category contains sites both for and against.
Sites relating to taxes, particularly protests against high taxation.
Any official information sites are to go to UK : Local Government.
Issues to do with Transport in the UK such as renationalisation of the railways, motorway access tolls, pedestrianisation or "reclaim the streets", clamping and bicycle paths.
Please submit sites that tackle issues relevant to a reader with a specific interest in the UK at the national level and not global issues such as the pollution caused by air travel nor local issues such as a traffic scheme. The latter should be submitted to the relevant locality, the former to /Society/Issues/Transportation/.