Websites concerned with water resources in the country, including rainwater, groundwater, rivers, and coastal areas.

This category is for websites specifically about tidal waters off the coast of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland.
For recreational use of marine waters, please see  UK: Recreation . . .Water_Sports
and for related businesses:
  UK: Business and Economy: Marine Sales and_Services.

This category is for geographical websites devoted to inland streams and rivers, down to their estuaries to the British coast.
ie for non-tidal rivers, or those that do not have an Estuary category under  Marine.

In order to qualify for listing in this category, websites must contain some scientific content, which should be
included in the suggested description.  If science is not the primary content of the site, please consider
suggesting it to the most appropriate.  This may be found by following links in the  Game Fishing or  Canoeing and Kayaking category instead.
Otherwise please consider the  <"/Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Localities//">Locality category instead.