This section is relevant to all UK water sports activities. If your site covers a broader area than just the UK please consider submitting to 'Europe'.
You''ll notice that there are a variety of sub-categories below here - for example Charter or Boat Sales. As a result although submissions can be made for sites to be listed at this level in all but a few rare instances sites should be submitted specifically for the area (or rather sub-category) they fit into best. e.g. Yacht Charters should go into the Yacht Charter category (sail, motor, or inland waterway) rather than at this level.

Please submit such sites directly to the most specific category. Submitting to the correct category will speed the listing of your site.

Multiple submissions of the same site or multiple sites for the same business is abuse and against guidelines.

This section is divided into Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts and Inland Waterways/Lakes. Please ensure that you submit your site to the correct category. Sites which are relevant to more than one category should be submitted under Charter itself, rather than a sub-category.