This category refers to the traditional term, used for shooting in the open air, in which gundogs are used to flush out game from cover, and retrieve the game after it is shot. It covers the recreation termed as hunting in other countries, to distinguish it from target and competitive shooting. The latter sites are available from ODP: Recreation:: Guns.

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This category lists sites about UK-based clay pigeon shooting.  Those that offer membership, perhaps amongst other services, are included in the Clubs sub-category.  Sites that do not offer tuition or organize clay pigeon events are unlikely to be listed here, but those selling equipment and supplies used in clay pigeon shooting may be found in the United Kingdom: Business_and_Economy Shopping . . Shooting or linked categories.

Please only suggest sites to this category if they show that they are based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and their primary focus is on clay pigeon shooting.

Please do not use abbreviations in the description unless they are included in the following:

Automatic Ball Trap
Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
Down the Line
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A new category for informative sites about Deer Stalking in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

If the site aims primarily to sell Deer Stalking supplies and equipment, please suggest it to the most appropriate Shopping category instead.  Sites offering a service locally may also be suggested to the most appropriate locality.