For sites about gardening in the UK or of interest to UK gardeners including: books, magazines and broadcasts; garden centres and nurseries; actual UK gardens and lists of gardens to visits; indoor gardening; landscaping; organic gardening; organisations, societies and groups; particular plants and trees; general resources; supplies and equipment.
This category is for sites with informational content.
Horticultural businesses that serve the UK trade and wholesale markets belong under Horticulture.
On-line UK garden shopping sites and malls of interest to UK gardeners belong under Gardens.

PLEASE do not submit your online shop here. It will not be listed.

For boards focussed on UK gardening
Please only submit chats and forums which deal specifically with UK gardening - bearing in mind our climate and environment!

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Please submit only Flower Shows in this category. If your event is something else - a Country Fair for example, please find a more appropriate category in

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For sites about actual UK gardens; lists, directories of and guides to actual UK gardens and UK gardens to visit; and tours of UK gardens.
Please do not submit sales or commercial sites here. They should be offered to United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Gardens

This category serves to guide users to sites for UK Garden Centres and Nurseries that primarily offer help and advice rather than online shopping or directions and a brochure.

Sites are only listed directly in this category if they offer information that is of interest to gardeners across the UK, without attempting to sell their products.  Note that the shopping categories also contain some sites with information about gardening and plants, along with sales.
Nurseries only selling plants are listed under UK.. Shopping .. Gardens: Plants, where as those also selling gardening supplies are included in the UK.. Shopping .. Garden Centres.  Retailers of garden goods without delivering plants, may be found in other parts of UK.. Shopping .. Gardens.

Note that if you require a Garden Centre or Nursery that does not offer mail order or online sales throughout the UK, then their site will only be included at their nearest locality category, or if out of town, their county Business and Economy: Home and Garden: Nurseries category.

Sites will only be listed here if they offer reference information that is of interest to gardeners across the country.

Please take the time to find the right category.  If you submit to the wrong place, it will take longer for your site to be listed.

Garden Centres and Nurseries that are of interest to a local or regional audience should be listed in their local category .

Specialist Garden Centres and Nurseries that offer mail order or online shopping and hold a catalogue on their site should be listed in UK.. Shopping .. Garden Centres or UK.. Shopping .. Gardens: Plants respectively.

Sites that offer international online shopping and shipping should be listed in a subcategory of Shopping: Home and Garden instead.

For sites concerning 'hard' landscaping in the UK - garden designers, garden contractors and landcape architects; and garden furniture, structures, decking, lighting, paving, and water features.
Businesses offering landscaping services to companies and local authorities, and professional grounds maintenance firms, belong under Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping.
For sites from UK organisations, societies, groups and institutions concerned with gardens, gardening, horticulture, landscape architecture, organic cultivation and plants, including any courses or degrees offered in such subjects.
For informational UK sites about a particular plant or just plants in general. UK clubs and societies devoted to the cultivation of a particular plant are listed under Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Recreation_and_Sports/Home_and_Garden/Gardening/Organisations/Plants .
Provides an alternative entry to shops listed at Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Gardens/, and a home for review sites and manufacturers.
Only submit sites that provide reviews or product descriptions to this category. Sites that offer gardening supplies for sale should be listed in the relevant subcategory of United_Kingdom/.../Shopping/.../Gardens/