UK Home and Garden covers consumer information, cookery and recipes, DIY and home improvement; gardening; and house finding, buying and selling.
This category is for sites with informational content.
Businesses offering services and products should be submitted to their appropriate Business and Economy regional category.
Companies which make it possible for UK consumers to obtain products or services via the Web are listed under Shopping.
For UK consumer-oriented listings and sites providing UK consumer information.
Please only submit sites that provide consumers with a comparison service for evaluating the relative value for money of goods / services between different online vendors.

In order to be listed a site must clearly provide content that is useful to the consumer, and not merely be a collection of links/affiliated links to different vendors.

Collections of affiliated links that are submitted to this category will NOT be listed in the directory.
See overall ODP submission guidelines which clearly state such sites are not eligible for listing.

Examples of Listable Site Content

Physical Goods Content that allows price comparison via sorting mechanisms that display the cheapest price for a given product between a number of vendors.
Ideally the mechanisms will display cheapest total price (e.g. Lowest: Cost+Sales Tax+Shipping) first. Rather than merely a list of book prices.

Financial Products Content that helps consumers to compare the relative value for money of various financial products such as loans and credit cards.
Ideally sites should allow consumers to compare loans on ''effective APR'' (i.e. the true implied interest rate when all balloon payments, deposits and fees are included as well as the regular payments) rather than ''nominal APR''. Credit card evaluation mechanisms should ideally allow consumers to sort on their own preferences. (Lowest standard APR, Lowest initial APR, Cashback rate etc)


Please use this category to submit UK focused sites offering a comprehensive range of DIY information. Sites that address a single specialist area should be placed in an appropriate specialist category. Sites that are primarily concerned with selling materials and services should be placed in an appropriate regional category under Shopping.
This category is for sites with informational content.
Businesses should be submitted to their appropriate Business and Economy regional category.
Emergency in this context refers to domestic emergencies such as flooding, burst pipes, storm damage, fire etc.
This category is for informational sites which help the visitor to prepare for, or to deal with the aftermath of, domestic emergencies. Commercial sites are listed within an appropriate Business_and_Economy category.
For sites about gardening in the UK or of interest to UK gardeners including: books, magazines and broadcasts; garden centres and nurseries; actual UK gardens and lists of gardens to visits; indoor gardening; landscaping; organic gardening; organisations, societies and groups; particular plants and trees; general resources; supplies and equipment.
This category is for sites with informational content.
Horticultural businesses that serve the UK trade and wholesale markets belong under Horticulture.
On-line UK garden shopping sites and malls of interest to UK gardeners belong under Gardens.

PLEASE do not submit your online shop here. It will not be listed.

For sites providing information and assistance with the perennially popular topic of property - buying, selling, maintaining, improving and moving. Companies providing actual products and services, from estate agents to developers to removals companies, are listed under Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy.
Sites providing guidance and information on home repair and improvement in the United Kingdom are welcome here.

Businesses providing products in this area should be submitted to an appropriate category in Business and Economy
Tradesmen offering services should submit sites to their locality in United Kingdom Tradesmen or Businesses offering products or services will not be listed anywhere in Repair and Improvement.