Bognor Regis is a seaside town south of Chichester. It consists of the centre with the outlying villages of Aldwick, Rose Green, West Meads, North and South Bersted, Pagham, Felpham and Middleton-on-Sea.
Please ensure that, where a site would be more appropriately listed under one of the sub-categories of the topic, that they are suggested as appropriate. Sites located in Middleton-on-Sea should be suggested to the Middleton-on-Sea category. Sites located in Pagham and Nyetimber should be suggested to the Pagham category.
This category includes sites about hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the region; including local recreation organisations, services, facilities and events. Businesses selling sporting or recreational goods are listed within Business_and_Economy/Shopping.
This category includes sites providing county transport resources for those travelling to and from, and within the Bognor Regis area.
Sites relating to travel and tourism in the area including local accommodation, attractions, and travel guides. This may include sites relating to tourism resources within the area for residents who are researching and booking trips outside the area.