Walsall is a town within Walsall Metropolitan Borough, in the West Midlands, UK. This category is for the town of Walsall, not the Metropolitan Borough which shares the same name.
Sites relating to the town of walsall (incluing the neighbourhoods of Alumwell, Birchills, Butts, Caldmore, Delves, Park Hall, Palfrey, and Pleck) may be listed in this category and sub-categories thereof.

If there is an appropriate topical sub-category beneath this one for your site, then it should be submitted there instead of here.

Submit organisations, events, venues, facilities and resources for Walsall town only.
Sites covering the business and economic activities of the town of Walsall, including listings of most companies and industries.
Submit business and business resources in/for Walsall town only. Businessed based in (or with additional offices / stores in) surrounding areas do not belong here, and should instead be submitted under the category for the locality in which they are based.
Educational institutions, programmes, opportunities, and other educational resources relating to Walsall.
Submit sports and activity clubs, facilities and resources for Walsall town only please.