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This category includes sites about organisations, issues and activities related to animal rescue, protection and rights.
This category lists sites offering information targeted toward people with disabilities. Certain specific services, such as mental health, are listed under Health.
The only sites included in this category are gay, lesbian, and bisexual resources relevant to the whole of England or more than one region of England.

Sites relevant to a locality or region within England should be submitted to that locality or region.

Sites relevant to the whole of the United Kingdom should be submitted to the UK topical categories for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual..
This category contains resources of interest to lesbian, gay and bisexual people in England.
Please read and follow the guidelines below before submitting your URL If the site concerns one county in England, submit to that county if there is a suitable category. If the site relates to a particular region in England, for example the South East, submit if there is a suitable category. If not, submit to Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/Society and Culture

Please review the subcategories in both England and the United Kingdom and select the most appropriate subcategory for site submission. Do not submit one site to multiple categories.

Personal sites should be submitted to Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/Society and Culture/Genealogy/Personal Pages. However, if the site is chiefly about the study of one surname, please submit to Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/Society and Culture/Single Name Studies.

Submit one site only. Do not submit sites which are under construction. Thank you for your assistance.

This category contains sites concerning genealogy and the study of family histories, including specific family surnames and genealogy relating to England.
Includes sites with historical information of national importance. Sites with content specific to a county or town should be submitted to United Kingdom/England.
  • Please do not submit sites that are ''Under Construction''.
  • If possible, submit your site to the appropriate region, rather than at the top level. At the very least try to include a clue as to what region your site belongs to.
  • Please provide a meaningful description when submitting your site.
  • Do not submit sites that contain mainly regional content to the England Category. It will slow down the submission process as the site will have to be moved to a relevant category.
  • The section for any home pages created in England. A sure-fire place to find the weird, wacky and wonderful!
    Sites relating to English politics.
    Please only offer a site to this category about Christianity, Christians, and Christian organisations in England which cover the *whole*, *more than one of its regions* or are *relevant to the whole of England*. Sites which deal with a *particular localised* Christian group or church should be offered to the locality where the group meets *not* here.

    Offering a site to the wrong category only delays it being reviewed by an editor for possible listing in the directory.

    We reserve the right not to list a site in the directory.

    There is currently no description created for this category.
    This category lists sites covering issues, resources, organisations and groups for children and teenagers.
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