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If your company has a broader scope than just internet, please list in the category above this. In order to be approved as quickly as possible, your submission should have the following: The title should be your company name only. The description should have two part s- the first should briefly describe the function of the company. The second part should tell what is to be found on the web site.

Please avoid abbreviations, marketing language, hype and opinions.

Category for all Computer-related businesses in Oxfordshire with a county-wide scope. This includes IT consultants. If your scope is more local, please find a more local category.

Most websites are listed in their localities. To be listed here, an organisation must have addresses in several Oxfordshire localities.

There is currently no description created for this category.
If the business is located in one town in the county, please submit your listing to that town.
A collection of web sites dealing with companies that offer Financial service in the county of Oxfordshire.
Please submit your site to the most suitable locality. If a specific locality is not available then submit it here.
This category includes sites for businesses providing services, products and facilities specifically related to the burial or cremation of the dead.
A collection of sites for Industries in the county which are not specific to one locality.
If your business is not in a town or village which has it''s own category, please submit to that category.

To get your submission approved in the shortest time, please make the title of your submission the name of the company only. In the description put a brief description of the products or services your company provides, and also what can be found on the web page. Please avoid marketing, hype and abbreviations.

A collection of web sites for companies offering products or services for car and related topics within the county.
This category includes sites for businesses offering services related to the procurement of land and buildings.
Please submit sites to the locality where the business is located. If unavailable then submit here.
This category includes sites for establishments offering food and drink consumed on the premises, although such establishments may also offer food and drink to 'take away'.
If your business is located in a specific locality, please submit your site to that category. If one is not available then submit here.
This category contains retail shopping and consumer goods for sale sites in Oxfordshire. It may include sites that sell from a location and/or on-line whether it be from a shop, shed or house.
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