Sites listed here may include those for butchers, grocery stores, supermarkets, or other businesses selling food for off-premises preparation and consumption.

  • Please only submit here if you have multiple ''physical'' locations in more than one London borough and none elsewhere. Listings are based on location and not area covered.
  • If your business has only one location you should request that it is added to the correct London borough. If you are unsure as to which borough you are situated enter your postcode into the neighbourhood summary box in Neighbourhood Statistics.
  • Businesses that are not located within London will not be listed in any London category.
  • For inclusion we must be able to verify your multiple locations preferably by addresses and postcodes actually on the website.
  • Submissions that don''t comply with the above may well be declined or experience a delay in being reviewed by the correct editor.
  • Contains businesses and shops which sell beverages.
    Only submit companies which have offices in more than one London borough. Companies with one office should submit to the appropriate borough.