Items should only be submitted here if they relate to Stroud, Gloucestershire, England and the Five Valleys in general.
There are specific categories for Businesses, Travel and Tourism, Education, recreation and Sports which should be used for those specific topics.
Sites here should relate to the topic and the Town.
Please only submit sites here which are related to the topic and the Town and concern architecture, dance, music, photography and theatre.
Please submit only sites relevant to or based in Stroud which serve the local area.
here one should find sites relating to the topic and the Town.
Please submit on sites relating to Stroud and villages immediately surrounding it not covered by other categories within Gloucestershire. Site submitted here should relate to men, women, kids, personal pages of residents of the Town, history, genealogy, religion and clubs active in the area.
This category includes sites providing area transport resources for those travelling to and from, and within the town of Stroud.


  • Airports
  • Bus services and coach hire
  • Car rentals
  • Limousines, shuttles, taxis
  • Public transport
  • Railway stations, local rail services.
  • Roads and driving conditions
Please submit only sites relating to transport in the Stroud area.

Please note that businesses selling motor vehicles belong in the motoring category, not here.