Westward Ho! is a village near Bideford, on the north coast of Devon, England. Westward Ho! is normally spelt with an exclamation mark, as here, but the mark cannot be included in the Directory listing for technical reasons.
Most sites listed in this category have to do specifically with the economy, history, community or culture of the village. Please only submit sites with a sole operating address in or devoted entirely to Westward Ho! but not Northam or Appledore which have their own categories. Sites of a business nature that also list branches outside of the locality should consider locating to a more suitable and wider covered category to take into account their overall locations, e.g.: Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/England/Devon.
This category is for information and organisations related to recreation and sports in this locality. It contains websites that are related exclusively to the locality. Topics include individual sports, team sports, hobbies, and recreational activities.
This category includes sites for area attractions and resources for those travelling in the area, including tourist guides, but not accommodation which should be submitted to Accommodation or its sub-categories such as Hotels, Bed and Breakfast or Self-Catering.