Walkhampton is a Dartmoor village in West Devon, north east of Yelverton.
Walkhampton is also an ancient parish stretching north east over Walkhampton Common, and east across
the B3213 to the north bank of Burrator Reservoir, with its southern boundary with  Sheepstor.
The parish includes prehistoric settlements, and megaliths:
around Sharpitor, and Black Tor, east of the B3213, then north King Tor,
across the B3357, including those east of Merrivale, towards Great Mis Tor
in the north to the boundary with the Dartmoor town of  Princetown.
This category caters for websites within the the ancient parish of Walkhampton.
Most development within the parish, in recent years, has been at the southern border with the
ancient parish of  Meavy,  at Dousland.
DMOZ does not have a separate category named Dousland, since the three ancient parishes have been
combined and given the name  Burrator administered by  West Devon Borough Council
Websites which include more than one of ancient parishes, or refer to Dousland are included in that category.

The Burrator parish does not include parishes to the west such as  Buckland MonachorumHorrabridge and Sampford Spiney immediately to the west.

Please suggest websites here if they are exclusively about or based in the West Devon parish of Walkhampton.
If their subject includes another of the Burrator parishes, then please suggest them to  Burrator.
Websites of a business nature that also list branches outside of Walkhampton should be
considered for a more suitable sub-category of  Devon: Business and Economy instead.

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