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Guides that contain listings in a greater area should submit in the higher level categories England/Regions/South_West or England as appropriate.
This category includes directories, reservation services and individual sites for temporary accommodation, primarily for travellers. Please note that there are sub-categories for hotels, self-catering and bed and breakfast. If the website relates to establishments in only one town or village then it should be submitted to that locality and is not suitable for listing at county level. Listing at county level is for web sites dealing with establishments at more than one location in the county.

If your site includes a directory of holiday accommodation, please consider suggesting it to the most specific Travel_Guides category or Locality of the best base.

This category is for sites about places or facilities, that span more than one locality within Devon, that commonly draw interest from visitors, apart from those listed within Arts_and_Entertainment.

This category lists sites that provide a wide range of information and links for travellers and tourists in more than one locality of Devon.

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