South Zeal is a village on the northern fringe of the Dartmoor National Park, within the West Devon
parish of  South Tawton, where websites for north of the A30 Expressway and national park boundary are represented.
Websites for the small parish of Sticklepath may be listed here, but  Belstone represents those further west,
for the area within Dartmoor National Park, south east of  Okehampton.
Until there is a separate category for Whiddon Down, or the park area to the east,
those websites are listed in  Drewsteignton,
and those to the south, the  Throwleigh category.

Please suggest to websites here for the West Devon villages of South Zeal and Sticklepath area within
the northern boundary of the Dartmoor National Park, south of the A30 Expressway.
If the website does not have a sole operating address in, or devoted entirely to
South Zeal or Sticklepath, consider  South Tawton or neighbouring locality instead.

This category is for websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities with an address in the locality, including individual businesses, institutions and professional bodies. Businesses which also have branches in other localities should be submitted to a category which includes all of those localities, for example Devon.
Created as there are a few more properties and businesses in the area yet to be included.