South Brent, population 3000, is to the north of the A38 expressway, between  Buckfastleigh and  Ivybridge.
with  Avonwick across the A38 south east, and  Ugborough to the south.
Dartmoor is to the north, and the parish of South Brent is included in the Dartmoor National Park.
The parish is administered by  South Hams District Council, and is separated from the  Teignbridge
parish of  Widecombe-in-the-Moor, by the parishes of  Holne, West Buckfastleigh and Dean Prior.
(Until there are sufficient websites for their own categories, websites for these South Hams parishes are included here)
This category also includes websites for the parish of Rattery to the east of the A38, and north of the A385, and Harbourne River,
east of  Dartington.
Please suggest websites to this category only if they show an address in, or are devoted entirely to the parish of
South Brent, including the area bounded by and including Aish, Harbourneford, Lutton, Rattery and Wrangaton.
Those corresponding to the parish of Dean Prior. north of South Brent may also be suggested here,
Those for West Buckfastleigh should be suggested  Holne.
Those south of the A38 should be suggested to a sub-category of  Avonick or  Ugborough.
Those corresponding to north of Dartmeet should be considered for  Princetown,
    otherwiise consider suggesting the website to a sub-category at  county level.
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