This category includes sites that reflect the make up of the county's community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the county's people, such as social service organisations. Topics include clubs, social service organisations, resources, genealogy, history, personal pages, activism, animal welfare, politics, religion, and various sub-groups of the population.
This category includes sites covering information, issues, groups and organisations related specifically to the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities in the county.
This category lists sites intended to assist in tracing ancestry.
This category lists sites about local residents, written by local residents. Sites need not necessarily be about the county.

This category lists websites relating to politics in Devon.
This includes candidates for election, but for politicians in power, see also the Government categories. 
For local councillors, please see the Society and Culture of the appropriate locality.

Party websites listed here must have specific relevance to more than one locality of Devon.
Those with scope over more than one county should be suggested to the appropriate   Region or the most appropriate category linked from  Politics

This category lists sites for the community's religious institutions, organisations and resources.