Seaton, population 6900, is a south coast town administered by East Devon District Council, between Axmouth and Beer.  Along its northern edge, the A3052 connects Seaton with the Devon capital, Exeter, and runs eastwards to Lyme Regis, via the village of Colyford, in the parish of Colyton

Most sites listed in this category have to do specifically with the economy, history, community or culture of the town of Seaton and rural area inland to Seaton Down, including the hamlet of Holyford.  Please only submit sites with a sole operating address in, or devoted entirely to, the parish of Seaton. In the absence of a locality category for the parish of Axmouth, those sites may also be listed here. Note however that sites for the area further east in the parish of Combpyne Rousdon are included in the Rousdon category.  Sites for Colyford, and the area inland should be listed Colyton

Topics include architecture, art, dance, music, photography, theatre, performing arts venues, museums, galleries, libraries, movies, and cultural events. Please note that the websites of some businesses related to arts and entertainment are listed elsewhere. When the technical or commercial aspect is seen to overshadow the creative side, as with recording studios, production companies, and stores selling recorded music or cameras, the sites are listed in the Business and Economy category instead of the Arts and Entertainment category.
This category is for websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities with an address in the area, including individual businesses and institutions and professional bodies. Businesses which also have branches in other localities should be submitted to a category which includes all of those localities, for example Devon. Businesses related to travel and tourism, including accommodation, should be submitted to the Travel and Tourism category.
This category is for information and organisations related exclusively to the history, culture, and people of the locality. Topics include clubs, social service organisations, resources, genealogy, history, personal pages, activism, animal welfare, politics, religion, and various sub-groups of the population. Please check to see if a Religion sub-category is available.