This category is for websites for the north coast parish of Parkham administered by  Torridge
District Council, immediately east of  Woolsery.
Although most of the parish is inland, it has a 2-mile coastline in Clovelly Bay, between Buck's Mills and
Peppercombe, but there is no access to the beach inbetween.  The only view of the sea is from the cliff top
walk, the  South West Coast Path, leading to the large coastal resort to the north west at  Westward Ho!.
The highest point north of the A39 is a trig point at Northway 180 metres above sea level, and
although the parish has hills south of the A39 reaching 203 metres, the parish is characterised
by valleys and streams leading to the River Torridge flowing south.
This category includes websites for the area off the A39 between Buck's Mill's and Horns Cross,
within the parish of Parkham, but may also include this in the next parish along the coast
north east; Alwington.  However the those as far north as the parish of Abbotsham,
should be found in the Westward Ho!.
The parish includes hamlets of Goldworthy, Dundridge, Halsbury, Babeleigh to the
east of the village of Parkham, Melbury to the south, and Parkham Ash in the east.
The parish extends south to the the boundary with East Putford, north and east of the River Torridge,
whose sites may also be included here, whereas those further south west should be included in the 
Bradworthy category, and those to the east may be found in the  Buckland Brewer category.

Please only suggest sites to this category that are specific to the Torridge parish of Parkham, in the limits described above.
If the site does not correspond to this locality of Torridge District, then consider one of the sub-categories of the  Devon category instead.