Lynmouth is a harbour village on the north coast of Devon, separated from the Somerset border by the cliff-top parish of Countisbury.

As its name suggests, Lynmouth is built around the confluence the East and West Lyn rivers, where water flows into Lynmouth Bay.  The East Lyn is joined by Farley Water at Watermeet, with it source up the gorge through the parish of Brendon.

The West Lyn flows through the village of Barbrook, from the parish of Challacombe and Exmoor.  Barbrook is also the name of the tributary from the parish of Parracombe to the west.

Lynton is the cliff top village above Lynmouth, and is the postal town for the surrounding area, including those not in the parish of Lynton and Lynmouth.  Lynton and Lynmouth, have a combined population of 1700, are administered by North Devon District.

Lynton provides a cliff-top route west, and joins the coastal part of the Tarka trail to the parish of Martinhoe.

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