King's Nympton is a parish south of South Molton, administered by North Devon District Council.  King's Nympton is separated from Chittlehampton in the north west by the combined North Devon parish of Satterleigh and Warkleigh, and Burrington in the south west by Chittlehamholt.  Chulmleigh is on its southern boundary, with Romansleigh to the east, and in the north east are George Nympton, Queen's Nympton and Mariansleigh, separating it from Bishop's Nympton.

Please submit sites with postal references within, or sites specifically about the parish of King''s Nympton.
The western boundary of the parish is the River Mole, but sites on the west bank, such as Satterleigh may be included here if more suitable than the Chittlehampton category. Similarly sites as far north as George Nympton might be considered more appropriate here than South Molton.  Otherwise please submit your site to the most appropriate sub-category of Devon.