This category tree is for websites about. or with addresses located within, the parish of Exminster, administered by Teignbridge District Council.

Exminster's north boundary is with the city of Exeter, then south along the west bank of the Exe estuary.  Powderham is the next parish to the south, before Kenton and Starcross.  Inland to the west are the parishes of Shillingford St George and Kenn, before Chudleigh to the south west.

Please suggest sites here only if they show postal addresses within the parish of Exminster, or they are of unique relevance to the area south west of the city of Exeter administered by Teignbridge District Council.  This may include Shillingford St George, and Powderham, but for localities south of Powderham, please try Kenton or those to the west at Kenn.  Please suggest those for Ide, Dunchideock, or other Teignbridge parishes to the most appropriate topical sub-category of Devon, until they have their own locality sub-category.

Websites about the history and community of Exminster, including the Manor of Powderham.
This includes sites about the surrounding area, south of Exeter, opposite Topsham, on the west bank of the Exe estuary, south to the parish boundary of Kenton inland.