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Please check to see if one of the sub-categories is suitable for your website.  Businesses related to Travel and Tourism should be submitted to that category.

This category is for websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities, including individual businesses, institutions, professional and trade organisations, in the parish of Dawlish. 

Topics include schools and other educational institutions, programs, opportunities, and resources. Alumni and reunion groups are also listed here. Please note that websites about dance and music education are not listed here, but are listed instead in the Arts and Entertainment category. Also note that websites about martial arts education are not listed here, but are listed instead in the Recreation and Sports category. Quite often most, or even all, of the sites in a category are those of individual educational institutions. Yet these categories are also appropriate for related sites, such as professional and trade organizations, and media articles profiling the field.
This category includes sites about hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the town; including local recreation organisations, services, facilities and events. Businesses selling sporting or recreational goods are listed within Business_and_Economy.

Please only suggest sites here if they have scientific information, such as environmennt or societies devoted to conservation. 

Although there is a railway station at Dawlish Warren, sites only describing local facilities or tourist information,
should be suggested to the most suitable category within the category tree at Dawlish.

This category is for information and organisations related to the environment and scientific activities of Dawlish, in particular the Dawlish Warren nature reserve to the east of the town.  Topics include the natural environment, scientific activities specific to the county, and both professional and amateur scientific organisations.

This category includes sites that reflect the make up of the town's community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the town's people, such as social service organisations.
This category includes sites for area attractions and resources for those travelling in the county, including tourist guides.
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