Colyton, population 2900, is a parish north of Seaton in East Devon.

Most sites listed in this category have to do specifically with the economy, history, community or culture of the village.  Please only submit sites with a sole operating address in, or devoted entirely to, Colyton or the area bounded by and including Southleigh, Seaton Junction, Whitford, Musbury, Combyne, and Colyford.  Sites of a business nature that also list branches outside of the area should consider listing in a more suitable and wider covered category to take into account their overall locations, eg. Devon:┬áBusiness and Economy.

This category is for websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities with an address in the area, including individual businesses and institutions and professional bodies. Businesses which also have branches in other localities should be submitted a category which includes all of those localities, for example Devon. Businesses related to travel and tourism, including accommodation, should be submitted to the Travel and Tourism category.
The Education category is for establishments, information and organizations related to education in this locality. It contains websites that are related exclusively to the area. Topics include schools, colleges and all kinds of educational institutions, programs, opportunities, and resources. Alumni and reunion groups are also listed here. Please note that websites about dance and music education are not listed here, but are listed instead in the Arts and Entertainment category
This category is for information and organisations related exclusively to the history, culture, and people of the locality. Topics include clubs, social service organisations, resources, genealogy, history, personal pages, activism, animal welfare, politics, religion, and various sub-groups of the population.
This category is for websites related exclusively to holidays and tourism in the area