This category leads to websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities
based in Ashburton, including individual businesses, shops and professional bodies.

Please only suggest sites showing an address in the Ashburton area.
Businesses which also have branches in other localities should be suggested to a category
which includes all of those localities instead.

This category contains links to architects, engineers, builders, contractors, designers, material suppliers, plant and equipment, surveyors, cleaning, and civil earthworks. It also contains links to associated trades such as bricklayers and tilers, carpentry and joinery, concreters, excavation, electrical, painters, landscape contractors, plasterers and finishers, heat, air and fire control system installers, plumbing, drainage and shop fitters. Sites related to interior design and landscaping are not listed here but are listed instead in the Business and Economy category
This category lists sites for businesses with shop-front premises selling goods to the general public.