Ashburton, population 4000, is an ancient stannary town, 10km west of  Newton Abbot
on the south-eastern edge of  Dartmoor National Park.
This category is for websites within the parish of Ashburton, with its southern boundary along the A38 Expressway. 
Ashburton is almost surrounded by parishes administered by  Teignbridge District Council, namely: 
Woodland and Torbryan to the south east, Bickington to the east, Ilsington to the north east,
and separated from  Widecombe-in-the-Moor by Buckland-in-the-Moor to north west, 
Buckfastleigh is directly to the south.
However, West Buckfastleigh and  Holne, immediately to the west are administered by South Hams
District Council,  along with Staverton immediately south of the A38.
Please only suggest websites to this category tree with a sole operating address in, or devoted entirely to,
Ashburton or the area bounded by the River Dart east of  Holne.
Websites for Poundsgate and Buckland-in-the-Moor are included in the  Widecombe-in-the-Moor locality.
There is an area south of the A38 that is within Ashburton parish; Goodstone is west of Bickington.
Woodland, south of the A38 has its own Teignbridge parish, but if the address includes Ashburton, then
the website may be suggested here.
Buckfast is in  Buckfastleigh.
Please suggest sites representing a business to the  Business and Economy and category,
where pubs and restaurants are listed. 
However, Inns offering overnight stays are listed in the  Accommodation sub-category
with other holiday accommodation. 
Websites with addresses in more than these localities should be considered for the
corresponding topic category under  Devon.

This category leads to websites including architecture, art, dance, music, photography, theatre,
performing arts venues, museums, galleries, libraries, cinema, and cultural events.

Please note that websites for businesses related to arts and entertainment may require to be
listed under the  Business and Economy, as with
recording studios, production companies, and stores selling recorded music or cameras.

This category leads to websites that are related exclusively to business and economic activities
based in Ashburton, including individual businesses, shops and professional bodies.

Please only suggest sites showing an address in the Ashburton area.
Businesses which also have branches in other localities should be suggested to a category
which includes all of those localities instead.

This category leads to websites that are related exclusively to education based in Ashburton, including
schools, colleges, vocational and technical training, including driving schools.
Websites of educational resources, alumni and reunion groups may also be listed here.

Please only suggest websites to this category that are related exclusively to education in Ashburton.
If the a website for driving tuition only has mobile phone and email contacts it will not
be listed until evidence of a local office or physical location is included.
Please note that listing of websites for training in Sports, Outdoor Pursuits, Riding School, etc may be more appropriate for the  Recreation and Sports subcategories, with Music and Dance Schools in the  Arts and Entertainment topics.

This category leads to websites that are related exclusively to health based in Ashburton, including
health trusts, hospitals, clinics, general practice surgeries, dentists, opticians, chiropractors, psychologists,
counsellors, pharmacies, and providers of alternative medicine services.
Websites for Care Homes are included here, but those specialising in
disabilities are listed under  Society and Culture.

This category leads to websites that are related exclusively to Ashburton's history, culture, and people, including
information and organisations related to social services, resources, local heritage, genealogy, personal pages,
activism, animal welfare, politics, religion, and various communities within the population.
Typically parish council websites are listed here, where those having substantial administrative
governance content may be assigned the  Government topic and those providing a broader
informational resource of residents and visitors, will be assigned the  Guides and Directories  topic

This category leads to websites for Ashburton's visitor attractions and resources for those travelling
around Ashburton, including tourist guides and overnight accommodation.
Since June 2016, Devon has been set up as a Regional Tree, so by clicking the  symbol,
at the end of the path, then subtopics around Devon will be revealed.