This Arts and Entertainment category is to guide users to information and
organisations related to the arts and entertainment available in Devon. :.
It should lead to websites ranging from architecture, visual arts, dance, music,
photography, theatre, performing arts venues, museums, galleries,
libraries, cinema, and cultural events.

Priority is given to listing websites in their locality category where available,
but this may mean those categories are too small to justify an Arts and Entertainment
category, linked from here.
Since June 2016, Devon has been set up as a Regional Tree, so by clicking the  symbol,
at the end of the path, then those localities and websites will be revealed.

Please note that the websites for some businesses related to arts and entertainment are listed under the Business and Economy
category tree.  eg -  recording studios, production companies, and retailer of recorded music or arts equipment. 
The website must show more than one postal address in Devon to avoid being pushed to a locality category.
Prompt listing of your site is more likely if suggested to the appropriate sub-category.

For directories of photographs, and artistic works of photography at galleries in more than one locality within the Devon.  Please see the nearest locality for listings of photographers.

Please submit your site to the nearest locality where you are based
In order to be listed, evidence of the location needs to be shown on the website; a mobile phone number does not suffice.