The Health category includes health and medical resources specific to the region.
Generally, organisations should submit here only if they operate county wide. Most organisations belong in their home town or village category. If this category does not exist, please submit to the appropriate post town.

Guidelines For Submitting Sites: Organisations should submit to the locality category in which the organisation is physically located. Failure to comply may result in a long delay in getting listed.

The title should be the company or organisation name. Do not type in all caps. Do not include a list of keywords. Do not include your products. Do not write a sales pitch.

The description should be a brief summary of the organisation''s purpose, products or services. The description should be in English and in coherent sentence form. Do not include superlatives or a sales pitch. Do not submit your company history. Do not submit a list of keywords. Do not use unnecessary capitalisation, or include HTML tags.

Existing descriptions in the category can be used as examples.

Submit to only ONE category. Submit to the best category possible. If you cannot find the proper category, first look elsewhere in the ODP. If you still cannot locate an appropriate category, submit the site to the best category possible.